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Things I Learned on My Day-Trip to NYC

-It’s a bit large and mildly overwhelming.
-Subways are confusing.
-Also, during rush hour, one has no choice but to stand with the pole in the middle of the car.
-People will answer questions, if one is not too shy to ask them.
-People here move very quickly.
-They also ignore posted traffic signs, as pedestrians and drivers.
-(On a side note, they also also drive like fools).
-Everything is bigger. (Including the Barnes and Noble, which doubles as the campus bookstore for TNS and NYU).
-Toys r Us is four floors and has a ferris wheel in the middle.
-It is totally socially acceptable for people to dance naked, or covered in strange paint, through the middle of Times Square. (And people stop to take pictures of it.)
-If one stays in Times Square long enough, one can catch a glimpse of a costumed Spider-Man, Captain America, Pippin, Spongebob, Cinderella, Ironman, and many more fictional characters. (There is also one poor person who has to walk around in what looks to be a REALLY hot Statue of Liberty costume.)
-Idina Menzel looks even cooler on the billboard outside her theater than she does on the internet. (I must see her show.)
-There are at least two Starbucks on every block. (No. Really. There was one block with three.)
-However, there is nowhere to sit in any of the Starbucks here. That’s sad.
-The TNS campus is just as beautiful in person as it was online. (Actually, more so.)
-New Jersey is really only ten minutes away.
-Oh. And I have an apartment. 🙂


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