Admission (Something You Might Not Know)

Can I be this open? Yeah, nope. But I wish I could.

Also, this is my friend, and she’s an awesome writer. So y’all must read her blog. 🙂


I’m generally an open person once I get to know and trust someone. While there are subjects I don’t necessarily care to talk about, I’ll give my opinion, my experience, if asked. 

It’s been hard reaching the point of openness that I have. From my childhood, the things I saw around me only served to teach me to lock myself inside, to be quiet, to try to fit in instead of stand out. The only way I expressed myself was through the written word, through stories. And as I grew (and continue to grow), I realised a lot about myself. I learned what I valued and what I believed in. In some cases, I vocally expressed my new-found belief or value with other people, so we could talk about our similarities or differences. 

There was something I discovered along the way, though, that I didn’t really mention. Something that I…

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