52 Lists-What Makes Me Feel Healthy

Things that make me feel healthy, mind body and soul…See, the thing about these lists is that they really make me think. What makes me feel healthy?

I feel healthy when I eat relatively normally. Don’t judge. There was a time in my life where I didn’t eat much at all. When I’m incredibly stressed out, it’s still a struggle some times.
I feel healthy when I exercise. I haven’t done enough of that this summer and that makes me sad. And also makes me feel lazy, which is the exact opposite of my real self.
I feel healthy when I can make choices for myself rather than allowing others to govern what I can do with my body.

I feel healthy when I’m educating myself, be that at school or just out in the world. I also feel healthy when I can educate others, through my actions, through teaching, or with my words.
I feel healthy when I write. It’s a purging of the mind of sorts.
I feel healthy when I am around people who challenge me.

I feel healthy when I am making my own decisions. I went for so long without this option. It’s still difficult for me; I can be horribly indecisive, and I still find myself turning to others for reassurance where I should be confident in myself alone.
I feel healthy when I am with those people who allow me to be myself.
I feel healthy when I can say the words, when I can articulate and admit my experiences. When I can’t, my soul is a bit black. Right now, it’s sort of gray.

Health is a weird thing for me. There’s so many components to it. And then there’s me, with all of the gray. Someday I will reach a point where I can care as much about myself as I do about others. I think I’ll know that I’m healthy when I am just being myself and I am completely okay with her, despite what others think. I don’t know that I’m there yet. I look forward to meeting her.

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