52 Lists-Things I Should Be Proud Of

Another list prompt, courtesy of: http://www.moorea-seal.com/p/52-lists.html?showComment=1360037326541&m=1

Things I should be proud of…the good things about me prompts are always harder to write on. I’m not one to brag much on my own accomplishments. I don’t see myself as incredibly awesome most days. So here goes.

I’m proud of this year. Or rather, I’m proud of getting through it. Things got hard and I didn’t quit. I deserve all the brownie points in ways that some of you will never understand.

I am proud that I have stepped out of my shell. I have let people past my walls. I have shown a select few the real me, or as close to her as I know, and they haven’t run away. I am proud of THEM for staying.

I am proud of my memoir. It is done, but awaiting an ending. It isn’t pretty by any means; the essays it holds are graphic and at times detailed, perhaps too much so. But the story is there. And perhaps something will come of it. We shall see. Either way, I’m writing. I’m making something of my life.

Most of all, I’m proud that I am still here. I am proud that I’ve held on. I have had many opportunities not to be here, yet I still am. And that is an accomplishment all to itself, and a signal that I am meant to do something truly great with my life. My day is coming.


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