52 Lists-Words That Touch Your Soul

My friend Emily introduced me to this website today, in which each week of the year has a writing prompt for a list.  As we are almost half way through the year, I’ll have to do one a day to catch up.  But this is currently distracting me from all of the things I should be doing.  And so, today’s list-words that touch my soul.  

There are too many to list them all…

  1. Diaspora (the scattered).  I just love this word.  Originally, it was used to describe the Jews when they were exiled from their homes.  I used it this year as the title to a novella.
  2. Progress.  Because I’ve made so much of it.
  3. Healing.  Because I’ve done that too.
  4. Trust.  Because I’m learning to do it.
  5. Friendship.  Because I know what it means now.  
  6. Authentic.  Because if you aren’t authentic, you aren’t honest, and you will never know your true self.  I’ve learned that it’s so, so important to let others know the real you.
  7. Industriously.  Because I do everything industriously.  And I use this word a lot.  
  8. Strategy.  Because life is all about how you play the game.
  9. Instant.  Because life can happen in an instant.
  10. Involution.  Because life is intricate, and it really all just spirals in upon itself.
  11. Supererogation.  Because doing more than is required describes me in a nutshell.  
  12. Adroit.  Because I believe myself to be quite skillful in matters of the mind.  And I’m not bragging.  It just is what it is.  

And now, back to work.  🙂


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