On Crayons and Renting Out My Brain

Don’t rent space for free in your head.


This is perhaps the most important thing that has ever been said to me.  No, not perhaps.  It IS the single most important thing that has ever been said to me.  The inside of my head is a strange place…I view the world in a different way than most.  Everything is very loud and bright, and everything has significance and stays with me.  Even the smallest things.  But the largest things tend to take me completely over.  


I do a lot of things in my life.  I teach.  I tutor.  I take ALL the classes.  I’m doing research studies.  I’m getting into advocacy.  I like to keep busy.   Add in the past?  My brain becomes a 120 count crayon box flooded with Jello.  It isn’t that crayons are bad, per say.  But nobody wants a brain that consists of a million different melted colors all blending together.  That isn’t fun for anybody.  


I like to write.  Writing for me is like pulling the plug on my brain; when I’m not writing lately, things build up inside me and contaminate my day to day life. 


To me, not renting out space in my head is not letting others things take it over.  It means that I am the only one who gets to choose what I think about, or what I don’t.  And living, at least truly living, means kicking out everything and everyone negative and focusing on the here and now, the moment that I am currently in.  


Don’t rent space for free in your head.


So.  Important.  Hopefully I remember it in the future.


And that’s all for today’s free writing.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode. 

One thought on “On Crayons and Renting Out My Brain

  1. Darcy says:

    Love this post. My phrasing is, “don’t let anyone live rent-free in your brain.” A helpful visualization that works for me is to see my mental space as a big, beautiful, clear room with wood floors (I like wood floors :D) and open windows with breeze blowing in. I see the person or thing that’s living rent free in my brain and I shrink them and put them in a jar. (It has airholes, I’m not a murderer, not even in my imagination. :D) Then I put that jar high on a shelf, saying, “I’ll deal with you later…right now I have to rest/sleep/practice/play this concert/etc.” It works every time!

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