Be a Light-To My Students

A quotation is springing to my mind right now–“Be the light you want to see in the world.”  I don’t know remember offhand who said this quote or where it came from.  But it has cemented itself inside of my head for the evening and it refuses to let go.

As my birthday draws to a close, I realized that I have learned a LOT about myself this year.  I’m strong.  I’m a fighter.  I haven’t left a huge mark on this world yet, but I know that I want to–and I am DEFINITELY going to.  One of the greatest things I have learned about myself is how much “my kids” (students) look up to me.  I had a student during Tom Sawyer who admired my earrings at one point.  She asked if she could touch them, because they were, as she put it, “long and dangly and pretty and pink.”  I let her; she came to the next rehearsal wearing earrings that were very similar.  That made me smile.  🙂  I know that this is a horribly lame example…but I think it does serve as an illustration to my point:  as a teacher, kids DO see me.  They are watching.  They see what I say, and what I do, and they copy it.  Am I good example?  I don’t know.  Probably.  I hope so.  I want to teach my students to be strong and powerful.  I want them to respect themselves and each other.  I want them to learn more from me than just music and drama and Improv and…well, all of the stuff I’ve taught.  I want them to learn that they are people, and that they are worth something, and that each and every one of them is incredibly special.  This is ridiculously cheesy, but I want to be their light.

If I get accepted into grad school, (I’d like to say WHEN, but…), this next school year will be my last year teaching kids.  I want to make sure that I leave something behind for them, that I give them something positive to “chew on,” and that they are able to realize just how truly amazing they are.

This is for all of my students, past and present.  I hope that I have been a light to you; I hope that I have made you feel safe and respected, and I hope that I have helped you to find the light within yourselves.  And if I haven’t, I will do better.  Each and every one of my students is truly amazing, and I wish that I could show you how much each and EVERY one of you is so, SO worth it.

We only get to live this life once.  We need to make it count.  We need to be a light.


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